Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Republic Reinforcements - Fantasy League Phase 2


Clones are far superior to droids!

Introducing the GAR for Fantasy League. Initial ships are: Venator, Acclamator, and Pelta. The Consular will be around later.


The Venator chassis adds 1 yaw at the last joint at speed 3. This change is linked to the yaw increase of other lumbering medium-large ships, starting with the Vic (which in turn stems from my distaste of un-maneuverable ships - especially slow AND un-maneuverable ships). That the Vic is such a brick severely limits design space for other vessels. 

Both types add a 2md officer as well.

Ven-I swaps in some blue (front) and red (side) dice. It's still a brawler but it's not as hopeless at medium-long range. 

The closest comparison is the VSD-I and the Clam-I (both medium ships). It's a bit tougher than both (2 shields and 1-2 hull), is speed 3 (Vic is speed 2, Clam has worse yaw), better battery armament (better side than Vic, better from than Clam-I, 3 dice rainbow in the back for salvo), and blue-heavy flak armament. It's only got 1 offensive retro (VSD and Calm have 2), but have both 2 officers and a fleet command. It's got an innate Contain on a large base which is quite valuable.

Cost has come up a bit. I initially rounded up to 95 but then fiddled it down to 94.

Ven-II also gains better reach. now having 3 reds out the front AND sides (swapping out both a black and some blues). That's a radical departure. Even more radical is going to a red-blue flak battery on a ship that's arguably the best carrier in the game.

The cost has been increased by 8, which is 4 points over the Ven-I (initially I rounded it up to 110 but later tweaked it down to 108 after comparing it to the Rebel larges and the ISD).

Resolute is cheaper and more flexible. Both are needed as token generation si both cheaper and more flexible in the Fantasy League...

It's unchanged. 3 pts is a low cost for this effect. The other titles are cheaper though, so a bit more competition.

Works with flotillas. And the cost came down.


The biggest change to the Clam is adding yaw at speed 2. It's still a brick at speed 3 (but it HAS speed 3) but no longer at speed 2. This fixes the biggest weakness of the Acclamator. I hope that the yaw change (plus the ability to discard readied tokens for effect - the Clam was always kind of "soft" for its size), will make the Acclamator a lot more popular.

Cost came up 2 pts bc the yaw change is so significant. Compare it to the Comms Muni which didn't change it price, despite getting an extra support slot. The support slot is gravy and you still have to pay for the upgrade. The extra yaw is both meat and potatoes.

Cost came up 3 pts bc the yaw change is so significant - and bc a 2nd weapons team is pretty nice.

Unchanged. It's now one of very few cards that can mitigate damage for another ship. Pairs well with Yularen to fix those uniques. 

Unchanged. The Bee is a super-nice card.

Toss a black die to set one of your reds to an acc.


Peltas are mostly untouched, but do get extra yaw at speed 2. Pelta are doing just fine ATM, mostly without ET. They are just so rugged and reliable for their points, yet hit hard enough they can't be easily ignored.

No other changes. Not even a points change...

No other changes. Not even a points change...

No changes. It's an immensely flexible title that'll perhaps see more play with the higher fleet point total? Or is it a point too much? We'll see.

No changes. Though I'd say that an extra evade is worth slightly more now with the accuracy/defense token tweak. Try using it with EM Emitter?

Increases your squad value by 1 but takes away your fleet support. Best run with Exp Hangars I suppose. Use Yularen to throw 6 squads with a "Medical" Pelta πŸ˜…

Monday, May 16, 2022

Begun, the Clone War Has - Fantasy League Phase 2


Welcome to Star Wars: Armada Fantasy League Phase 2.

Signup deadline for Phase 2: Sunday, 29th May. Sing up here.

Link to Warlords custom fleet builder.

Link to current Rules Reference (v1.20).

Link to VASSAL Module (coming).

More info about the Fantasy League here

What's new in Phase 2

Let's give the two new factions - Clankers and GAR - a big cheer. CHEER!!!

The addition of the 2 Clone Wars factions is the biggest news item. GCW factions get their first big ships (and an extra ace each). Plus a lot of new upgrades.

There are also some changes to the rules, based on feedback from Phase 1:

  • Random initiative is GONE. Some loved it, some hated it. I'm more of the former, but at the end of the day it was fun to have tried, but it's not a needed change.
  • In Phase 2 you score your opponent's bid. That's new.
  • You can spend only ONE defense token that's been accuracied. In Phase 1 you could spend any number. That was too powerful.
  • Contain has been nerfed. It now provides a REROLL, not a cancel die. Unless you're BIGGER than the attacker. Then you get to cancel a die. Doesn't apply vs. squads though; it's very thematic for SW for squads to be the bane of big ships.
  • Errata: Some cards have changed between Phase 1 and 2. There is a list at the end of the RRG.

Summary of rules changes for new and returning players

I made this section to make it easier to learn/remember the rules changes. I've ordrered in what I feel is an intuitive order. The most important/biggest changes have been colored red. Not every minor change is covered; refer to the RRG the the nitty gritty details.

450 points: We're playing with (slightly) more points. More is always fun, but IMO it also allows for more well-rounded combined arms fleets.

Bids and scoring: Your opponent scores your bid. Phase 1 had random initiative. That was too exotic, so we're trying this instead.

Limited cards: Some cards have two or three dots. They are NOT unique, but limited. The number of dots is - shocker - the number you can have in your fleet.

Mandatory abilities: All card abilities are mandator unless otherwise specified (opposite of standard Armada). This is a technically to allow for more consistent wording across cards.

Pass tokens: The 1st player does not get fewer pass tokens. The 2nd player already has enough advantages.

Accuracy icons: You can spend-to-discard ONE readied defense token that's been targeted by an accuracy. Very much like Agate except for the readied requirement. This is the biggest change to gameplay.

Rerolls: Each die can be rerolled ONCE per attack by the attack (and once for the defender). So no more multiple rerolls.

Contain: No stopping the crit effect. Instead you can reroll a crit ICON (much like Evade rerolls stuff at close-medium). If you're defending against a SMALLER ship, you're allowed to cancel a die instead (like Evade at Long). Contain on a VSD is pretty good, on a MC80 it's freaking great! This discarding stuff doesn't work vs squadrons: the little buggers are the bane of big ships.

Salvo vs ignition: You can salvo ignition attacks. If ignition was meant to counter salvo it hasn't really worked out too well. So let's try this.

Repairing faceup damage: Repairing a faceup just flips it down. You do not discard it. This makes crits, even standard crits, far more deadly. Currently, unless your ship is dying (or has shitty Engineering) those faceups always get discarded ASAP. Boring.

Squadron keywords: A few keywords have changed. Most importantly escort, grit, and heavy. Escort doesn't stop attacks, but hands out dodge (inverse of screen basically). Grit completely ignores heavy squadrons. Heavy has an additional (negative) effect: a non-heavy squad gets a reroll when attacking. Ouch.

Half-points: Everything - both squads and ships - has half-point scoring if they've taken half or more (hull) damage. It's more bookkeeping at the end of the game but worth it.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Heart of the Swarm - Fantasy League Phase 2


The Clankers are here! 

For Phase 2 the droid legions can call upon the Providence, the Munificent, and the Hardcell. The Recusant will be along later. As will the Lucrehulk and other ships.


The Providence-class literally makes up the heart of the swarm. It's packs a punch and can survive where other Separatist ships would crumple. The Providence keeps to its original theme in the Fantasy League.

Both models have gained some yaw at speed 3. Partially because Venerator and the Acclamator gained some yaw (it started with the Victory in Phase 1) and partially to enable them to fulfill other roles than just charging into brawling range and stay there, with little ability to reengage. Both models also gain a second officer slot like the other big ships. This opens up a wide range of build options, especially with all the nice generic officers that are now available.

The only model-specific tweak to the Carrier is to swap out a black flak for a blue, giving it a mixed armament. Cost is unchanged for now. Yes, the Carried has improved slightly, but it was not an overrepresented ship to begin with.

The DN is rarely seen owing to its lack of both a Fleet Command AND a Defensive slot (the GAR equivalent would be swapping the FC slot between the two Venator models). In the Fantasy League, the need for the Defensive slot on a big ships is reduced, which helps the DN a bit. But lets be honest: it'll often be taking Invincible anyway.

The DN gains a 2nd blue flak die, which is a huge improvement - if you want to flak. It's also more biased towards blue, rather than black die. This can be seen as a slight nerf, as the DN is indeed a brawler, but you should try it with Ion Pulse or Expanded Launchers + XI7 (the Ion Pulse version is my fav). If you're really offensive-minded Lucid Voice brings up your total black dice and salvo capabilities (might be even more interesting when we get Local Fire Control).

There is one nerf though. Squadron is down to 3. This change is linked to the new version of Invisible Hand. Hint: AI: 2 Hyena bombers are pretty oppressive.

Nothing new here. Still going to be the most common title for the DN but it has stiff competition now.

Total rework that manages to stay true to the original theme. Instead of the complicated set aside and deploy in a doughnut, it's a kind of Yavaris for AI squadrons. It's already pretty good - will be better once Flight Commander/RLB become available. Keeping the old cost.

Easy to miss, but important change: it just ADDS black battery dice, it doesn't remove any blues. It should be worth the points now. Fits just as well on a Dreadnought (Invincible is less of a must-have) as it does the Carrier.


Next up is the Munificent. This is a pretty good medium ship out of the box. Balanced, yet with a clear role, properly costed. 

There are no changes to the chassis.

You can expect to see additional Munificent variants in the future.

Comms frigate gets and extra support slot. Projection Experts is not a thing anymore and mediums pay premium to Engine Tech, but there now lots of other good support upgrades.

Gets a black on the sides, much like the AF2A. It's not bc I think the Star Frigate was in a bad place, quite the contrary. But I had to/wanted to at least change something about one of the models. The SF also gets a weapons team, which is pretty rare for the cheaper Seppie ships. So not only an extra die, but plenty of exiting new opportunities for rerolls and other things. Slight increase in cost.

Same old. Very useful, moderately costed. The go-to Muni title.

Nothing directly new here, but the ability to outright discard a faceup damage is worth more (3 repair to be exact) than before since you only flip a faceup card facedown. Pairing it with Battle Droid Reserves is even more attractive than before.

New title, very offensive, very powerful. Then more tokens the defender uses, the harder it hits.


Another great ship from the Separatists. Not great bc its overpowered or anything. Great bc it's good for it's cost, if you use it properly. It has some clear weaknesses too, but not as crippling as the original Nebulon-B, for example.

Chassis gets some extra yaw at high speed. That's mostly bc most other small bases have gotten extra maneuverability. Both models also get a blue out the back. This is doable bc Spinal Armament no longer adds a die out the back.

No model-specific changes. Same cost.

No model-specific changes. Same cost.

(I'm aware the HC titles lack the correct ship icon. Just pretend the Seppie icon is a HC icon.)

Excellent support card. Price is high for a small ship, but the effect is very good (it's even better in the Fantasy League).

Cost reduced (other damage-mitigating cards have had a slight cost decrease).

New title. Lets you spend 1 - and only 1 - defense token where at speed 0. And yes you could use this ability if you had a readied token targeted by an accuracy.

Monday, March 21, 2022

VASSAL OP 2022 Spring Team Tournament

Announcing the "Spring Team Tournament" VASSAL Organized Play event!

We had 2 team events in 2021 and both were very well received. This year we're doing something pretty close to standard Armada - but with teams.


Players are grouped into teams:

  • Each team picks a single faction (Empire, Rebel, Republic, or Separatist).
  • There are 3 players per team.
  • Each team elects a "Grand Admiral" to be in charge of the team.

3 rounds of "team" Swiss:

  • It's the team's total score that determines the Swiss seed.
  • During the 1st round, each team will be paired within its time zone (if possible).
  • Rounds 2 & 3 are normal Swiss.


The team with the most combined tourney points is the winner!


Rounds will last 14 days.

Key dates:

  • Signup/fleet submission deadline: Sunday, 10th April. 
  • Round 1 starts Monday, 11th April.
  • Round 3 ends Sunday, 22nd May.

Listbuilding restrictions/rules tweaks

Standard Armada rules, with the following exceptions:

  • UNIQUE cards, including objectives, are unique within the team.
  • Grand Admirals are responsible for "battle pairings" within each team.

Battle pairing:

  • The GA of the team with the lower score (determine randomly round 1) decides if their side will put a fleet forward or of the opposing team will.
  • The opposing team decides which fleet will oppose the nominated fleet, then puts forward one of its remaining fleets.
  • Repeat until all fleets have been paired.


Sign up on here:

Fleet submission

You submit your fleet when signing up on TTT (see above).

Grand Admirals need to PM me on Discord with team names and members.

Battle reporting

Report battles here:


Join the Armada Discord/VASSAL OP channel here:

Tournament software

We're using to track players, scores, and matchups. 

You can find the event here:

Grand Championship 2022

  • Points:
    • Entry: 1
    • Completion: 1 (3 games)
    • Top 4: 1
    • Runner-up: 1
    • Winner: 2
    • Special: 1 each
      • TBA
      • TBA

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Armada Fantasy League 2022: Design goals, pt 2 (Resources and counterplays)


This is part 2 of the design goals series. You can find part 1 here.

Limited resources

In Armada, there are no defense dice that can be rolled again and again. Instead, we have defense tokens that have powerful, predictable effects, but that can only be used so many times before they are gone. Hull and shields are limited. Command tokens and dials also.

Armada is a game heavy with resource management and IMO that's one of its strengths. In the Fantasy League, there are more ways to get command tokens and dials, hull and shields, as well as additional defense tokens. You pay for this stuff of course, with points and slots, but it's worth mentioning since it's a rather big departure from the way Armada fleets are normally upgraded.

Taking a leaf from the CW factions there are more cards with limited uses ("charges") in the game rather than just the old exhaust/discard. I remember being a bit skeptical about all the token shuffling, but once you get the hang of it it's a great design choice (X-wing 2.0 is similar btw). It opens up a lot of design space since now we can have cards that can be used once, twice, thrice, or whatever during a game.


In Armada, each ship is a self-contained unit. Beyond the commander and a few upgrades (Comms Net, Resupply, Clone Gunners/Nav Officer, Repair Crews, a few generic titles, etc.) there are few cards that are able to affect another friendly ship. Effects that blatantly violate this covenant can become problematic. Yes, I'm looking at you, Projection Experts. You have the dubious distinction of being one of the few cards that's been completely reworked. Do not expect to see stuff like PE to appear in the Fantasy League. 


Powerful combos and individual abilities with cunning applications are part of what makes these FFG games so fun. First you have to figure stuff out and design a working fleet around that concept, and then you need to actually fly it well to accomplish your goals.

What is decidedly unfun (sometimes called NPE - negative play experience) are those combos, abilities, or tactics that effectively have no counterplay (or very few/hard to pull off counters). Armada is very chess-like with it's "I go, you go" and "move-and-shoot" mechanics. If players have the tools to break away from this play-counterplay foundation, the core elements of the game breaks down and you're not really playing Armada anymore. You're actively trying not to play Armada by leveraging best what breaks the core limitations of the game system.

Thrawn 2-ship with Pryce is a good example. It was a fleet that required skill to work, but once you got going there wasn't much the opponent could do to avoid being deleted. Old Clonisher triple-tap fleets were equally bad. Sloane is, in her own way, also in this category bc many fleets have no tools available to even try and mitigate her effect. Onagers that can, if they can stay on target, wipe away stuff from across the table are also NPE. Thermals hurt them, as do fast-moving Cracken rogues (and more) but many other potential fleet types do not have access to the tools needed to counter them.

In more general terms, this leads to the "discard green defense token that's been accuracied" rule. Defense tokens are already a limited resource. Given enough dice (especially blue dice) or certain upgrades, defense tokens can be rendered largely irrelevant. It's a big problem for smaller ships, but it's equally unfun to have your Recusant or VSD leave the table turn 4, never having spent its brace.

TL;DR there should always be relevant counterplays. If you're reduced to little more than a spectator in your own game something definitely isn't right.

This does not mean there will be no strong cards or combos in the game. If everything is nerfed into the ground that makes for a very boring game. So keep looking for the good stuff, the strong combos, and leverage them well in battle. That's the key to winning!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Armada Fantasy League 2022: Design goals, pt 1 (Combined arms tactics)

This is not pod racing; it's combined arms!

Some words from the... "designer" is too strong a word... I didn't design Armada... let's use "facilitator" instead. So maybe the title of this post should be "facilitator goals." πŸ˜…

This is the first of several blog posts.

Combined arms

I'm thinking of Armada as a combined arms game: capital ships and squadrons acting in concert. That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't run squadless. It's definitely possible and I have given thought to how ships can defend themselves from squadrons. That said, if "combined arms" and "capital ship combat" come into conflict design-wise, combined arms will win out. The best, most effective defense against squadrons are squadrons of your own, backed up by ship-based flak. If you want to go squadless vs. potentially 150 points of aces and cheap generics, I'd say it's a high-risk approach to fleet building. 

Which neatly brings us over to the next design goal: squadrons should be there in the thick of it, with the ships. Squadrons pushed by ships that try to avoid combat doesn't make for fun Armada. This is something I know a lot about, having run Sloane aces Gozanti spam with unlimited relay during the heyday of my competitive "career." That was also the start of my disdain for fleets that use squads but not in a combined arms sort of way.

Rogue squadrons can fall into the same category. They are cool and thematic, but when combined with fleets that try to keep the opponent at arm's length, it can turn into what's effectively the new unlimited relay. In the Fantasy League, it's my hope that even a light squadron screen, backed with a few anti-squad upgrades, can do some real harm to rogue squadrons. I don't want to hammer the rogues so much that they are not viable but I do want them to go into there with the ships and fight the good fight.

The combined arms focus is one of the reasons I moved the fleet cap to 450. The extra 50 points might not seem like much, but allows for 150 points of squadrons while still getting more ships (possibly including a 3rd flotilla). Or 50 points of screen and the full 400 for the ships. Those that choose to go squad-heavy can also lean more heavily into generics after having picked their 4 aces.

If I see stuff like this (just 2 examples, I don't mean literally this) fly into battle with 300 points in ships and upgrades backing them, I feel that I've reached the "combined arms" goal:


  • 1 Darth Vader ( 24 points)
  • 1 Major Rhymer ( 16 points)
  • 1 Deathfire ( 14 points)
  • 1 Fel's Wrath ( 17 points)
  • 1 Scimitar Squadron ( 12 points)
  • 5 TIE Bomber Squadron ( 45 points)
  • 2 Storm Squadron ( 22 points)
  • 150 total squadron cost
  • 1 Horton Salm ( 17 points)
  • 1 Luke Skywalker ( 21 points)
  • 1 Thane Kyrell ( 17 points)
  • 1 Wedge Antilles ( 19 points)
  • 2 Gray Squadron ( 22 points)
  • 2 B-Wing Squadron ( 26 points)
  • 2 Blue Squadron (B-wing) ( 28 points)
  • 150 total squadron cost

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Star Wars: Armada Fantasy League 2022

Welcome to the Fantasy League!

    Signup deadline: Sunday, 27th February. Sing up HERE.

    This is the place where we explore the what-ifs and could-have-beens of Armada. The place where we play with new versions of old ships and squadrons - and introduce completely new ones such as the Separatist Lucrehulk and Sith Infiltrator, the Republic Stealth Ship and Naboo N-1.

    It's also where you'll find existing upgrades - with a twist - alongside entirely new cards. Even the objectives have been tweaked to make more of them useful to a variety of fleet archetypes (without shifting the advantage too strongly towards the 2nd player). Last, but not least, we're even experimenting with a few rules changes...

    Important external links

    Fantasy League RRG: Download the pdf here (latest version is 1.02)

    Custom fleet builder (Warlords clone):

    VASSAL: Module download (latest version is 4.7.0fl)

    TTS: Currently only implemented in the Development version which you can get here. You also need the custom database for the Fantasy League.

    Card collection: All cards are available as a pdf here.


    It's primarily a digital event on VASSAL and TTS (with support from @Valadian) but if you want you can easily print all the cards you need from KDYards and play on the tabletop!


    Why not

    The changes are big enough that everything will feel fresh and uncertain, but not so big as to make it another game entirely. It's also an unique opportunity: AFAIK no one has ever attempted to host a world-spanning custom event for Armada.

    Virtual plastic spaceships will go pew pew, mistakes will be made, dice will happen. It's going to be fun - don't miss out! 

    Phases and What to Make of Them

    The Fantasy League isn't just ONE event. Every few months, a new Phase is initiated. Each phase adds new stuff to the game. In fact, phases are pretty much like new waves.

    In Phase 1, only Empire/Rebel factions are playable, and the selection of ships, squadrons, and upgrades is limited. 

    In Phase 2, Republic/Separatist are added, and the first large base ships appear. 

    In Phase 3 there will be rogues & villains for all four factions - and more.

    Phase 4+ is still on the drawing board.

    Each Phase is a separate league event; scores are reset to zero. So even if you didn't win Phase 1 there is no reason why you couldn't be the Phase 2 champion!

    What's new?

    Let me give you some examples of what to expect:

    Rules: The rules are largely the same, with a few big changes and a bunch of minor ones. If you want to know more about the various rules changes, check out the Rules Reference Guide, the YouTube videos below, or chat with me on Discord (links below).

    Here is an example of a big change (highlighted in red): You can spend readied (green) defense tokens targeted by accuracy icons. But if you do, you have to discard that token.

    Objectives: We're using the objectives that you're used to. But they have been tweaked with the aim of making more of them playable with the right fleet. Second player is pretty strong ATM so the tweaks aren't necessarily buffs; some objectives got nerfed.

    Fleet Ambush is a good example: It's almost the same, but there is a restriction of deploying squadrons and the first player has to pass his first activation round 1. There is also a bit about deploying overlapping obstacles; that's because the rules now forbid this for all ships, not just Huge ships.

    Ships: The ships in the first phase are tweaked versions of existing ships. Later new ships - both variations of existing ones and completely news ships - will be added. 

    This Vic is no joke: It can turn reasonably well, has goodish flak, a black die in the front, a salvo token, and an amazing upgrade bar. For a mere 79 points. Still a speed 2 ship that can easily turn into a point piΓ±ata.

    Squadrons: Existing squadrons get tweaks and points changes, and new uniques are added. We'll eventually see new squadron types, including some multi-faction squads. Hondo and Gauntlets for all four factions. V-wings, N-1s, Eta2s, and LATT/i gunships for the republic. U-wings. More TIE variants. Dooku, Maul, and Ventress. It's quite the list.

    This is Thane. He's dangerous and cheap. And he has colorful dice and a squadron evade. S-foils is a new keyword for B-wings and X-wings that let them get +1 speed if they remove a die.

    Upgrades: We got some old upgrades that have been modded and a few entirely new cards. The cost of some cards has changed. 

    Ion Missiles are new, same with the Audacious Arquitens title. Lando is the same old, but with an additional effect.

    More info

    YouTube video of me talking about the Fantasy League format:

    Another YouTube video, this one gives an overview of Phase 1 content:

    Event format

    The Fantasy League is a... league event πŸ˜…

    Rounds: There is only 1 "round" which lasts for the duration of the phase. Each player can play and register any number of games during this round, but you don't sore points equally for all of them (see below).

    Opponents: Players are expected to arrange their own games; there are no TO-controlled pairings. 

    That said, you're encouraged to play a variety of opponents, not just your IRL buddy over and over. A few games against the same guy is OK (not going to set a hard cap) especially if you use different lists, but if you play vs 1 or 2 people only you're doing something wrong.

    Lists: You can use the same list for every game, iterations of the same list, or wildly different lists. It's up to you.

    Scoring: Scoring works a little differently. We use the standard MoV/TP table.

    The following restrictions apply:

    • You have to play a minimum of 4 games.
    • If you play 6 games, only your best 4 games will count towards your score.
      • Example: You go 9-2, 8-3, 4-7, 2-9, 10-1, 6-5. The 4-7 and 2-9 are ignored for scoring purposes, so your score is 10+9+8+6=33.
    • For each game beyond 6 you play, you score 1 additional tournament point, regardless of your score. If you play more than 6 games, only the 6 first games count towards scoring. So you can't play 20 games and cherry pick the best 4.
      • Continuing the above example, if you played 10 games, you have 33+4=37 TPs.


    Signup deadline: Sunday, 27th February.

    • The event starts Monday, 28th February.
    • The event ends Sunday, 24th April.

    Phase 2 will begin shortly after phase 1 ends. It adds CW factions and large ships to the game. Phase 3 will start this summer. Details to follow.


    Sign up directly in the event:

    Fleet submissions

    You do not submit your lists beforehand. Instead, lists are handed in during the After Action Report step (see below).

    Report results

    Results of your games are reported directly in the event:

    One player needs to report, opponent has to confirm the result!

    List submission/After action report

    List submission: After playing, you need to submit your list using Google forms:

    AAR: You only have to include your list; the rest of the questions are optional but do please make the effort as the feedback will directly impact future Fantasy League phases. 

    VASSAL info

    To play in the Fantasy League, run this module version and you'll see the new cards. When you want a standard game, just run the standard version.

    You can use Shrimpbot to generate setup vlogs. Get the text export of your fleet, paste it into a text editor and remove any custom cards (new upgrades and squadrons).

    Use !vassal to generate a vlog, load the vlog as normal, then add the custom pieces by dragging them from the Pieces menu. It's not 100% but still saves time and effort.

    TTS info

    First you have to load the module (currently only the Development version has support for custom databases). Then you need to additively load the Fantasy League database. 

    If you've correctly used additive load on the Fantasy League database the fleet spawner will spawn all custom cards without issue!

    The only thing that isn't fully implemented is scoring: the crippled rule isn't in effect and non-VP token scoring isn't implemented. So you'll have to manually calculate scores.

    Discord channel

    Here is the Discord channel for VASSAL OP:

    And a channel on the TTS Discord:

    Use discord to chat and ask questions, but keep it at least vaguely related to the event πŸ˜…

    Tournament software

    We're using to track players, scores, and matchups. You can find the event here:

    Grand Championship 2022

    Each phase of the Fantasy League counts as a separate event towards the GC2022.

    • Points:
      • Entry: 1
      • Completion: 1 (minimum 4 games)
      • Top 4: 1
      • Runner-up: 1
      • Winner: 2
      • Special: 1 each
        • After Action Report Specialist: You've submitted an AAR after every game.
        • Much To Test There Is: Played at least 10 games.

    Friday, February 4, 2022

    Vassal OP, Q1 2022, 1-day Swiss Event (Sunday, 20th March)


    It's time to find out who is the ultimate Vassal Armada 3-round Swiss Champion of 2022!

    We did the same thing last year, and with over 30 players it turned out to be a great event. The only difference this year is that the CW factions are fully revealed and integrated into he game.


    Sign up and submit your list directly in the event.

    Lists are invisible to other players until the event starts. Do NOT include your objectives unless you want everyone to see them.


    For this 1-day event, there is a single Swiss group across all time zones!

    • Standard 400-points
    • 3 round Swiss
    • Each Swiss round runs for 2h 15min and then ends IMMEDIATELY.
      • You CANNOT start a new round if the timer has passed the 2h mark.
      • The current round is NOT played to completion when the time is called. Finish the current activation (ship or squadron), then hard stop and tally the score.
      • Report the result to the TO in the appropriate tourney channel or as a PM (Green Knight#5600) on Discord so pairings for the next round can be done in a timely fashion.


    Signup deadline: Sunday, 20th March.

    Fleet submission deadline: 30 mins before the tournament starts,  10:00 am EST/14:00 GMT

    The event takes place Sunday, 20th March.

    • Start round 1: 10:30 am EST/14:30 GMT
    • "Lunch" break: 1:00 pm EST/17:00 GMT
    • Start round 2: 1:30 pm EST/17:30 GMT
    • Start round 3: 4:00 pm EST/20:00 GMT

    Times adjusted for daylight savings (from the 13th in the US but not until the 27th in Europe).

    Every effort has been made to ensure that people from all across the globe can play. West Coast players have to get up real early. CET players have to stay up a bit late. These are the best times I could find πŸ˜…

    Report results

    Results of your games are reported directly in the event.

    One player needs to report, the opponent has to confirm the result.

    Listbuilding restrictions/tweaks

    Bog standard.

    Discord channel

    Here is the Discord channel for the event.

    Use it to chat and ask questions, but keep it related to the event. 

    Tournament software

    We're using TTT to track players, scores, and matchups. You can find the event here.

    Vassal Grand Championship 2022

    This events marks the start of the next GC (the VWC also counts).

    • Points:
      • Entry: 1
      • Completion: 1
      • Top 8: 1
      • Runner-up: 1
      • Winner: 2
      • Special: Players who complete at least 1 game on time get 1 extra point. All 3 nets 2 points instead!
    Current score.